BAR Magazine

Issue 02

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Issue 01: Notions of Place

Spring 2018



  • Art in a Digital Landscape, a conversation with Judith Barry
  • An exhibition review of “Let Us March On: Lee Friedlander and the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom” by Samuel Adams
  • On Surveillance: An interview with Chantal Zakari and Mike Mandel
  • Featured Interviews from SPRING / BREAK by Lauren Pellerano Gomez
  • Dismantling Borders: A Review of Hito Steyeryl’s “Liquidity Inc”
  • Making Room: An exploration of artist led spaces by Phil Zminda
  • A conversation on memory and place with Kristin Texeira


Samuel Adams
Isabella Achenbach
Haley Albert
Annie Armstrong
John Arvanitis
GG Andra
Judith Barry
Rory Fitzgerald Bledsoe
Michaela Blanc
Anna Bruns
Jessica Caponigro
Merill Comeau
Furen Dai
Chioma Ebinama
Yorgos Efthymiadis
Hannah Fallon
Keaton Fox
Lauren Pellerano Gomez
Montana Gulbrand
Patrice Helmar
Janet Loren Hill
Carter Howe
Jameson Johnson
Claire Lachow
Essa Li
S. Billie Mandle
Alexandria Nazar
Chantal Zakari and Mike Mandel
Laura Beth Reese
Jak Ritger
Avery Robertson
Marla Rosen
Molly Soda
Michelle Song
Kristin Texeira
Phil Zminda

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