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Issue 02

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Want to Contribute?

This is a for-the-people, by-the-people publication. If you think there’s a story hiding somewhere, we want to hear it! We are always open to working with contributors on making an idea a reality, however, the following article and review formats are encouraged. All submissions should be sent to

Is there a topic that you think should be covered? Submit information about an event, exhibition, happening, artist, or idea to with “Listing” in the subject line. We rely on your community initiative to keep the information flowing. Don’t forget to keep us in the loop with what you’re up to.

Quick Bits (200 – 300 words)
Easy to read, easy to digest, and easy to share. Quick Bits should be submitted within 4 days following an event (gallery opening, show, artist talk, etc.) Be brief, to the point, and have fun! These pieces do not need pre-approval and will be accepted on a continuous rolling basis. There is no limit to the number of Quick Bit Reviews you can submit.

Reviews (Approx. 600+ words)
This is a great way to go a little bit more in depth about an artist, show, concept, or event. Reviews about exhibitions should be submitted while the show is still running. Reviews about events, happenings, or short-term shows should be submitted within 5 days following closure. Anything goes here! Don’t be afraid to express your voice and opinion– it matters!

Boston Artists Outside of Boston
Do you know of a local legend who is showing work/performing in another city? These reviews should be current and up-to-date and can fulfill any other review format listed.

Critical Perspectives (1200+ words)
Here’s your time to shine! Throw us for a curveball with your expertise and research. Critical Essays will be evaluated for our future print editions and featured prominently on our site. To submit a critical essay, please reach out to to share your idea and begin the editing process. Critical essays can discuss ideas non-specific to the region, but should connect to Boston in some manner. You rock!

Speaking of documentation…
If you are covering a small, non-institutional exhibition or a non-documented happening, your photos and personal documentation are welcomed. Please submit photos of artwork that are well lit, not blurry, and feature only one piece at a time. Photos from artist interviews, panel discussions, or other happenings should be clear and avoid chaos (i.e. lots of other people) in the photo. Please reach out with any questions about photography/documentation if necessary.

Contributing to BAR Mag

For our second issue, Boston Art Review Magazine welcomes submissions of critical perspectives, essays, reviews, interviews, and artwork for our forthcoming print publication: Field Work.

Issue 02 seeks to examine the relationship between human beings and the land we occupy. Investigating the space between the civic/humane and natural/constructed environments, this issue will incorporate theories from art, culture, technology, anthropology, and design. At its core, Field Work concerns itself with the human experience, the symbiosis between existence and environment, and our relationship to land, matter, and its elements.

All questions and submissions should be directed to: For full guidelines and specifications please visit

Submission Proposals Due: Monday, June 18th 2018
Drafts Due Before: Monday, July 2nd 2018
Finals Due Before: Monday, July 16th 2018

Submission guidelines
Please send a google folder to with the subject line First Name _ Last Name _ Title of Work _ 002 Please ensure that all sharing specifications are set to “anyone with link can edit.” The following items should be included:

-Google document of your piece (please include your first and last name as you would like it presented in print, the title of your piece, any formatting specifications, and image attributes)
-All images should be uploaded as high quality .TIFF files at 300dpi in CMYK Image Mode
-Image attributes are imperative. If you need press images, please reach out directly before March 5th.

Text submissions may fit into the following categories, but our editorial team are happy to work with you on developing stories. We are welcoming pieces that are poignant, engaging, pertinent, and relevant to our time and place. The theme “Notions of Place” should be used as a guideline, but not a rulebook for submissions.

Critical Perspectives / Think Pieces: Approximately 1,200 words. These essays will present a critical discussion and evaluation of issues or ideas relevant to art and culture. These pieces may or may not directly reflect Boston, but should reference the region within the piece. We encourage you to research or seek quotes and perspectives as needed. Creativity in this medium is expected!

Reviews: Approximately 600-800 words. Images should be included. Reviews should cover exhibitions, gallery events, artists, or happenings within and around Boston. This writing should be spirited, engaging, and critical without heavily relying on jargon. Don’t be afraid to express a critical opinion or be referential. There is an expectation that these reviews will include enough context/research to make them both timely and timeless in the print publication.

Personal Essays: No more than 1,500 words. Images / artwork included is preferred. These pieces are similar to the critical perspectives but allow more room for reference to your own work, scholarship, or position within the community.

Artist Interviews: Interviews with artists who are, or once were, living, working, or studying in the Greater Boston Area will be accepted. These pieces should provide a dynamic, fun, engaging and insightful lens into the artist’s world. Interviews should include a brief bio about the artist and context about the interview in the form of an introduction (less than 150 words.) A variety of mediums, formats, and creative arrangements are welcomed. Film / video assistance available upon request.

Artist Profiles: Similar to artist interviews, we are welcoming work on artists with a connection to Boston. Their work should explore the theme, Notions of Place. Profiles can be written about yourself in a third person context if you are intending to include a portfolio or body of work within the print.

Artist Work: We are accepting work from artists of all mediums. While all artwork submissions must be in the form of images with text, we can create dynamic content for the online site in order to include video, portfolios, links, etc.

* All of the above are also accepted on a rolling basis for the online platform. Our editorial team are happy to work with you on story ideas, event coverage, film, and photo documentation.