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About Boston Art Review

Founded by Jameson Johnson in October of 2017, Boston Art Review (BAR) is an independent publication committed to facilitating active discourse around contemporary art in Boston. Boston Art Review’s engagement in the community fosters inter-institutional collaboration. Boston Art Review is proud to showcase writing, art, and perspectives from underrepresented individuals ranging from artists, scholars, students, curators, and the community at large alongside more recognized artists, all existing under the central idea of contemporary art. As our site and our publication continue to develop, we will become the go-to resource for contemporary art in Boston.

Consisting of an online and print publication, Boston Art Review is focused on publishing multi-disciplinary content. Boston Art Review provides a space for critical perspectives, video interviews, artist-generated content, and collective initiatives. Through our website, social media, and print publication, Boston Art Review stands as an accessible, go-to guide for contemporary art in Boston.

The publication seeks to foster inter-institutional and city-wide discourse that attempts to break down silos. As we continue to bridge the gaps between coverage, criticism, and community engagement, we are careful not to create a sense of cultural homogeneity. Rather, we seek to elevate and give voice to individuals, perspectives, subcultures under the umbrella of contemporary art and culture in Boston and beyond.


Meet the Team

Editor in Chief: Jameson Johnson

Deputy Editor: Betsy Willett

Creative Director: Julianna Sy

Managing Editor: Phil Zminda

Lead Copy Editor: Jacqueline Houton