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Issue 01: Notions of Place

Spring 2018

It is with great joy that we share the inaugural print edition of Boston Art Review with you. Issue 01, “Notions of Place” seeks to explore what it means to create work, within the context of a place.

In these pages, you will find essays, reviews, interviews, profiles, and features written by a diverse cross section of scholars, curators, educators, artists, and community members who believe in the power of arts writing to connect individuals from throughout Boston and beyond through creative engagement in critical discourse.

Excerpt, Editors’ Letter, Jameson Johnson and Lauren Pellerano Gomez

In this issue


Soothsaying From the Print Crypt by John Arvanitis, the  Vessel: A Redacted Dialogue with Essa Li, Perception and Presence by Anna Bruns, My Letter, A Year After our Breakup by Annie Armstrong


The New Domestic with Janet Loren Hill and Rory Fitzgerald Bledsoe, Somerville’s Kitchen Show by BAR Editorial, Language and Resistance: In Conversation with Furen Dai by Michelle Song, On the Mend with Hannah Fallon by Lauren Pellerano Gomez, Art in a Digital Landscape: In Conversation with Judith Barry by Jameson Johnson, Surveillance in Reverse: In Conversation with Chantal Zakari and Mike Mandel by Jameson Johnson


Making Room by Phil Zminda, Lost In Space with Molly Soda, Marla Rosen, and Isabella Achenbach by Keaton Fox, Emergence by Jak Ritger, Memory and Color with Kristin Texeira by Avery Robertson, All in the Family: Chez Vous by Haley Albert 


Hospital by S. Billie Mandle, Black and Blue by Merill Comeau, Anticipation of Touch with GG Andra by Jameson Johnson


Hito Steyerl’s Liquidity Inc. by Michaela Blanc and BAR Editorial, Let Us March On: Lee Friedlander by Samuel Adams

Zine Insert

Art Pedagogy Manifesto by Montana Gulbrand