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Issue 03: Tracing Movement

Spring 2019

We seek to examine the role contemporary art and artists play in shaping how we move through cultural, societal, ecological, and personal shifts. We invited writers and artists to join us as we explored the space between motion and change. As a result, this issue reflects our changing social and political climate and facilitates discourse surrounding both global and local phenomena, from immigration and ancestry to activism and community organizing. From Liz Morlock’s poignant evaluation of an art scene fraught with a perceived revolving-door syndrome to Betsy Willett’s careful cataloging of gestures within museum walls, “Tracing Movement” provides a lens through which the physical, social, and conceptual impact of movement can be viewed.

Excerpt, Editor’s Letter, Jameson Johnson

In this issue


Kapwani Kiwanga: Surveillance and the Limits of Recognition by Denis Mwaura, Tangible and Intangible Traces: Michelle Fornabai’s act 3 by Daisy Nam, Choreographing Interactions: William Forsythe at the ICA/Boston by Betsy Willett, A Lifetime of Reckoning: Howardena Pindell’s Retrospective, Confronts Identity and Institutionalism by Lauren Klotzman


Embracing the Third Self: Four Journeys Exploring Immigration and Identity by Karolina Hac, Getting to Know the Boston Immigrant Writer’s Salon, Training Transhumanism (I Want to Become a Cephalopod) by Miriam Simun


Illuminating Industry: Valery Lyman’s Installations Bring the Bakken Oil Fields to Boston by Isabella Beroutsos, Art in Action: Maya Erdelyi on the Magic of Animation by Jacqueline Houton


Art as Ecosystem: An Interview with Rashin Fahandej by Jack Radley Weaving with the Thread of Time: In Conversation with Cecilia Vicuña by Jameson Johnson The Estuary Projects: An Installation for Healing and Remembrance Through the Apocalypse by Jessica Caponigro Performativity, Sound, and Space: In Conversation with Nicole L’Huillier by BAR Editorial From Boston to Los Angeles, A Conceptual Gallery Space on the Move: In Conversation with Gallery1993’s Seymour Polatin by Jameson Johnson Sculpting with Space: A Conversation with Leah Medin by Caroline Kipp Pelle Cass Taught Me How to Like Sports by Annie Armstrong A Residency Reflection: In Conversation with Castledrone by S. Krum Wright

Critical Perspectives

I Love You For Now by Liz Morlock