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Issue 04: The Public Art Issue

Fall 2019

The Public Art Issue seeks to examine the ever-evolving factors at play when access, sites, and engagement shape the development of art and artists in the public sphere. As the roles of audience and activism shift in response to tension between bureaucracy and community, this issue provides room for reflective and forward-thinking discourse on the matter. To this end, we consider the language surrounding public art as the rise of new digital and physical platforms expand our definitions of public space.

In this issue


- A Queer Pastoral: Nicole Eisenman’s Grouping of Works from Fountain by Evan Smith - Public Art in the Palm of your Hand: How Augmented Reality is Expanding Landscapes in Boston by Betsy Willett - Public Reflection: Olafur Eliasson on Art in the Age of the Anthropocene by BAR Editorial


- Individual Voices on Art at Its Most Public, A Boston Roundtable Moderated by Jen Mergel - Mural City: Revitalization and Recognition by C. Shardae Jobson - Graffiti or Street Art? The Hypocritical Dichotomy Between by Arielle Gray - Rituals of Observation by Autumn Ahn - Sweat it Out: Helping Boston Let Off Some Steam by Caitlin Foley, Heather Kapplow, and Misha Rabinovich, with an introduction by Leah Triplett Harrington


- The University Campus as a Space for Public Art: A View through Warming Warning by Aaron Ellison and David Buckley Borden - Unseen Dimensions of Public Space: Disrupting Colonial Narratives by Erin Genia - Sorry Not Sorry: A Short Evolution of Public Art in Boston by Cher Krause Knight


- Envisioning Community: In Conversation with Silvia López Chavez by Theresa Mitchell - Girl Talk: Rosie Weinberg in conversation with Ottessa Moshfegh - Digital Domain: in Conversation with Juan Obando by Isabella Achenbach - (IMAGINE) Sneha Shrestha on Calligraffiti and Collaboration by Lily Scheindlin - On Basketball, Community, and Race: In Conversation with Shaka Dendy by Anulfo G. Baez - Belonging and Transculturation: An Interview with Daniela Rivera by Denis Mwaura - A Joy Ride with Nick Cave by Jacqueline Houton - Grief Aesthetics: In Conversation with Border Patrol by Betsy Willett