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5th Anniversary and Issue 10 Celebration

Our biggest event yet is coming on May 20th as we celebrate five years of publishing!

6 – 8 PM | Preview Event | Tickets start at $50 (includes entry to the 8 PM dance party)
Preview tickets holders will have early access to an exclusive art sale with works by Boston’s top contemporary artists. You’ll also witness a special dance performance by Ilya Vidrin and Jessi Stegall accompanied by double-bassist Brittany Karlson. We’ll enjoy cocktails and snack on delicious bites.

Art sale will include work by Katarina Burin, Pelle Cass, Cicely Carew, Gohar Dashti, Eben Haines, Kate Holcomb Hale, Dell M. Hamilton, Elisa Hamilton, Lucy Kim, Crystalle Lacouture, Andy Li, Ayana Mack, Aris Moore, Cristi Rinklin, Evelyn Rydz, Joe Wardwell, Coral Woodbury, Yu-Wen Wu and Anthony Peyton Young.

Purchase a Preview Plus ticket for a copy of Issue 10 + two drink tickets for the dance party portion of the evening.

8 – 11 PM | Dance Party | Tickets start at $21 (magazine included)
Get on the dance floor with tracks by Boudoir and immersive installations by Illuminus featuring artwork by Sarah Brophy, Jaina Cipriano, Darby, and NikuAI (Anna Buchele + Erik Strand).

*Subscribers and pre-orders get into the 8 PM Dance Party for free!*

About the Artists:

Boudoir is a Boston-based queer underground dance party that centers music, art, lookz, drag, and queerness.

Sarah Brophy is a new media artist exploring tensions in the built environment where western science, the natural world, and technology collide. In her constructed animated worlds and digital simulations, she pulls at the strings of her own flawed relationship with the natural environment through the wider lens of human co-dependence with computers. Often searching for what gets lost or gained in the transfer from physical object to intangible pixel, Sarah’s work wrestles with the contradictory feelings of awe and disenchantment with contemporary technology and asks questions about power, agency, and futurity within interwoven organic and synthetic systems. Her work has been shown in public art venues including The Berlin Festival of Lights, 150 Media Stream, and ILLUMINUS, as well as at Ars Electronica, The Wrong Biennale, and MANA Contemporary (Chicago).

Jaina Cipriano is an experiential designer and filmmaker exploring the emotional toll of religious and romantic entrapment. Her worlds communicate with our neglected inner child and are informed by explosive colors, elements of elevated play and the push/pull of light and dark. Jaina is a self taught artist with a deep love for creative problem solving. She writes and directs award winning short films that wrestle with the complicated path of healing. Jaina founded Finding Bright Studios – a design company specializing in set design for music videos and immersive spaces. She has collaborated with GRRL HAUS, Boston Art Review, and was a Boston Fellow for the Mass Art Creative Business Incubator and a finalist in EforAll. Her photographic work has been shown internationally.

Darby is an artist and filmmaker from Boston, specializing in film, video, interactive installation design, and augmented reality. Through space-making and the creation of shared user experiences, Darby encourages viewers to reconsider their proximity to community, and to envision new pathways towards cultural equity. Her work is inspired by modes of relational aesthetics and socially engaged art which give form to her passion of impacting, sharing resources and shifting perspectives through art. Darby earned her BFA in Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) from MassArt in 2020 and received the Mass Cultural Council Film and Video Fellowship in 2021.

Brittany Karlson is a bassist/vocalist and adventurous musician with roots in jazz, American old time and bluegrass, and improvised music. She has performed across the USA, Canada, and Europe in a variety of ensemble settings, including improvised trio Letter Castle and American old-time/bluegrass/Swedish string band The Goodbye Girls. As a visual artist, she makes finger puppets as well as collaborates with composer Steven Long to create collage work under the name Vanitas. Karlson is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher and teaches private lessons in Jamaica Plain, Boston.

NikuAI is an AI art collective founded by Anna Buchele, Erik Strand, and Serge Vasylechko. Through the fusion of cutting-edge technology and creative expression, NikuAI explores new artistic spaces with the mission of making AI technology accessible to the general public. They seek to bring AI out of the realm of pure software, blending hardware elements or projections with AI to bring it into the physical world, with the overall goal of making AI more interactive. Their work has been showcased in film festivals, featured at the Media Lab at MIT, and exhibited at various shows and events throughout the greater Boston area.

Jessi Stegall is a dance-theatre artist, applied ethicist, educator, and filmmaker based in Boston, Massachusetts and originally from Dallas, Texas. She has been an artist-in-residence at Boston Center for the Arts, Harvard ArtLab, National Parks Service, Windhover Performing Arts Center, and was recently featured as one of Dance Magazine’s “25 to Watch” (2022). Her choreographic work has been featured at Boston Center for the Arts, Tufts University, the Dance Complex, and Motion State Dance Film Festival. As a dancer, Jessi has performed works by Raja Feather Kelly, Jill Johnson, Ilya Vidrin, Ali Kenner Brodsky, Mariel Pettee, and Jamila Glass. In addition to her work in dance, Jessi holds an M.S. in Bioethics from Harvard University, a B.S. in Expressive Art Therapy from Lesley University, and is an alumna of Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.

Dr. Ilya Vidrin is a research-practitioner situated at the nexus of performing arts, ethics, and interactive media. Born into a refugee family, Ilya grew up navigating the nuances of cultural expectations, language barriers, and diverging political ideologies. This experience of code-switching fuels Ilya’s research and artistic practice to examine social ethics in physical interaction, including intimate labors of care, cultural competence, and social responsibility. Based in Boston, Ilya is Assistant Professor of Creative Practice Research, Core Faculty in the Institute for Experience Robotics, and director of the Partnering Lab, a research platform for investigating embodied ethics.


May 20, 2023


Preview Event 6:00 – 8:00 PM | Dance Party 8:00 – 11:00 PM


Liberty Hall @ The Revere Hotel 200 Stuart Street Boston, MA 02116