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2017 Wrapped: Boston Art Edition

Sorry Spotify, we've got our own Wrapped method

Oh 2017, we bid you adieu. This year has been characterized by a series of shifts. Shifts in the way we communicate, gather, rally, expose, and grow.  In Boston, artists, curators, and creators responded to notions of identity, political shifts, place making, and displays of self. We welcomed new spaces, artists, and collectives while saying farewell to old ones.

Upon soft-launching Boston Art Review in late October of 2017, we have been so grateful for the kind welcome, encouragement, and involvement from the community. In 2018, we look forward to changes in our site, the launch of a print publication, and continuing to facilitate discourse throughout Boston’s art community.

With love, The crew at Boston Art Review <3

Thank you to some important friends 

Spencer Bateman and Emily Boyle: Site creation

Phil Zminda: Contributing Writer

Anna Schuman: Contributing Writer

Haley Albert: Contributing Writer

John Syzonenko: Video Production

Cassie Marcotty: Video Production

Julian Chappell: Video Production

Rory Fitzgerald Bledsoe, Lauren Pellerano Gomez, Debby Krim, and Bridget Goodbody: For being rockin women / mentors / friends

Sophie Kissinger and the Harvard Student Art Collective: Partnership / collaboration

Isaac Feldberg: Editing when we really needed it

Alexandra Malloy: Editing when we really needed it

Montana Gulbrand: First ever artist profile

Sam, Chloe, Emma, and the whole team over at Boston Hassle: For encouragement, understanding, and likemindedness

To all of you: For being here

The future: we’re coming for you.