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Announcing the 2023 Boston Art Writing Fellows

(left) Poppy Livingstone (right) Fatima "Tima" Swaray

Boston Art Review and Praise Shadows Art Gallery are pleased to announce our inaugural Boston Art Writing Fellows, Poppy Livingstone and Tima Swaray! These two shining stars were selected from a competitive pool of 18–21-year-old applicants from across Greater Boston. We are so excited to have their fresh perspectives and unique ideas about storytelling in the mix.

Through a series of workshops with the BAR editorial team and local arts leaders, these young writers will get an intensive crash course in arts writing—from navigating the local arts landscape to finding their voices and strengthening their writer toolkits. For the second part of the program, they’ll dive in with the team at Praise Shadows Art Gallery to learn about the inner workings of a contemporary art gallery and to work with Boston-based artists and curators. Finally, they’ll close out the program by developing their own project to be published on our website this summer.

About the Fellows

Poppy Livingstone is a California-born, Connecticut-raised, Boston-based artist and student at Boston University. As founder and editor-in-chief of Mister Magazine and an associate house manager at the Boston Center for the Arts, they are committed to artistic equity and community engagement. Currently, their creative focus is rooted in object attachment, migration, and magical realism. They are, as always, very happy to be here.

Fatima (Tima) Swaray is a Sierra-Leonian multimedia artist and storyteller raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently based in Boston where she is studying business of creative enterprises (BCE), publishing, and art history at Emerson College. Her research is guided by her interest in how art investigates the complexities of heritage and identity. She aims to create inclusive, community-driven spaces that highlight diverse talents and stories.


If you’re interested in learning more about how to get involved with or support our writing fellows, please contact us.

Boston Art Review is supported through the BAR Giving Circle along with Boston Center for the Arts, Boston Cultural Council, and VIA Art Fund / Wagner Foundation. The Boston Arts Writing Fellowship program is made possible with generous support from art_works and Abigail Ross Goodman. If you’re interested in learning more about how to support this program, please contact us.