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Becoming Posthuman

The internet helped me find what might be the most important art event in Boston this fall.

A track to enjoy during your read: Cabo Boing’s “Blob on a Grid”  

I love facebook events, in fact, I might only really use facebook for its events and leftbook groups. The “interested” button has been abused in every way to serve as a personal amalgamation of events we might not, and probably won’t attend but certainly want to keep handy “just in case” we do.

Earlier this week, facebook reminded me that I’m interested in “Becoming Posthuman.” I had no idea what this could be, but any event with an event photo of a 3D textured screen projection onto a creature can count me in.

Upon further inspection, I realized I had stumbled upon a brilliantly curated collection of artists, musicians, and creators who utilize exploration in online/virtual/contrived environments for artistic practice. I think we can all agree that these kinds of innovators and internet explorers are just the people we need in Boston.

On Saturday, November 11th, a multimedia, cyber arts installation will take physical form at Studio at 550beginning at 6:30pm and sprawling into the week hours of the night.

Co-curators Cleo Miao and Tiffany Topor, created this pop-up exhibition, out of what feels to be necessity in a city that traditionally fails to honor anything other than the seaside landscape oil painting. Unlike New York, we don’t have a Rhizome or a New Museum to facilitate discourse around the ubiquitous nature of internet engagement and how it affects our interaction with art.

Inspiration for the show stemmed from Cleo’s own curatorial and information intake practices. The name of the show came from “How We Became Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature, and Informatics” by N. Katherine Hayles. Cleo also attributes several concepts explored in the exhibition to artists such as Cecile B Evans, Sondra Perry, Cory Arcangel, Rafael Rozendaal, Hito Steyerl, and other traditionally dubbed “media artists.” (Seriously if you haven’t had a good internet dive in a while, give these hyperlinks a click)

Becoming Posthuman will explore topics of digital intimacy, online identity, computer generated graphics, ioT, digital poetry, music creation, and more. This show hails artists from several cities and disciplines.


Exhibitors include:

✰ MSHR ( {video}

✰ Oracle Plus ( {video}

✰Jennifer Juniper Stratford (

✰ Ben Mendelewciz (

✰ Keith Rankin


✰ Sean Schuster-Craig (Jib Kidder)


✰ Nick Montfort (

✰ Tristan Whitehill (of Euglossine)(

✰ Shawn E. Lewis (Lesionread) (

✰ Christopher Konopka (

✰ Kara Stokowski (

✰ Deb Step (

✰ Simon Remiszewski:

✰ Sam Ghantous: (

✰ L.G.H.Q. : (

✰ Alif Ibahim (Al Green):

✰ Allie Miller: (


Musicians Include:

✰ Lychee ( )

✰ Jennifer Vanilla (

✰ Cabo Boing (

✰ J Bagist (

✰ Joe Mygan (

✰ Eli Neuman: (

✰ trngs (media-rins dj set:

Tickets will be available at the door for $15 (a small price to pay for an extra-bodily experience)

I want to speak for ages about the work that Cleo and Tiffany have procured. Stay tuned: an interview is coming soon.