JR Uretsky, "Encouragements with Dave." Video and Mixed Media Sculpture, 2016-2018.

On a balmy nearly-summer night in May, “ORGANIZER // ORGANIZING // ORGANIZED” opened at Cost Annex on 59 Wareham Street in Boston. Chock-full of curators, artists, and educators—with a few collectors and arts admins for good measure—the opening was a steady flow of who’s-who in Boston’s “art scene.”

The exhibition showcased work by makers whose practice includes organizing exhibitions, while each maintaining their own studio practice in various media. At once playful, accessible, and surreptitiously critical, the work included in the exhibition spanned from video and performance to glitter rocks and an HP Laserjet M5035 MFP print (with takeaway Ziploc®).

Of particular interest were sculptural works by Audrey Hsia, of Samsøn gallery. A multi-hyphenate, Hsia’s practice includes painting, collage, monoprints, and photography—often upending form and revealing new dimensions in each medium. Hsia’s work includes such everyday materials that a few visitors accidentally sat on one of her sculptural pieces, causing the work to nearly fall out of an open window. After a few visitors gasped, it was quickly revealed that nothing was damaged.

Artists with work in “ORGANIZER // ORGANIZING // ORGANIZED” are Susan Metrican, Leah Craig, Kara Braciale, John Robert Roy, Liz Morlock, Sandrine Schaefer, Audrey Hsia, JR Uretsky, Joanna Tam, TJ Kelley III, John Guthrie, and Oliver Mak (Gucci Vuitton), who DJed the opening event. A series of alternate names were presented: “Fitting in the Cracks. Permanent until Temporary. Always Temporary. Come and Go, and Come Again. Bailing Water From A Sinking Ship.” Which, if the Boston “art scene” were to be a self-deprecating comedian, are jokes that would likely fall flat in a room of nervous chuckles.

The exhibition was on view for one weekend only (re: Permanent until Temporary), from Friday, May 4 to Sunday, May 6.

(Left) Susan Metrican, “King Rama’s Cars,” acrylic on canvas and thread, 2017. (Right) Audrey Hsia, “Untitled Success,” Inkjet Print, 2015.

Installation View, Joanna Tam, TJ Kelley III, Kara Braciale, Liz Morlock, Cost Annex, 2018.