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Recording and Resources: The Future of Boston’s Public Art

5 May 2021

Boston Art Review editor-in-chief Jameson Johnson and Now + There assistant curator Leah Triplett Harrington joined in conversation with four artists community leaders around the future of public art in Boston: Kathleen BitettiKai GrantStephen Hamilton and Kim Szeto. Together they discussed current trends and topics in the field, with a special focus on public art’s role in creating a more culturally equitable Boston. This event was held on Monday, May 3 as part of Boston Design Week.

During the event, panelists shared resources to several grants, platforms, and pieces of legislature pertaining to public art in Boston. Their materials have been collated below.

Upcoming Grant Opportunities:

Boston Resources:

Massachusetts Resources:

Statewide Advocacy Organizations

Two key studies about MA artists:

Notable State Legislation for Public Art:

  • H.3374 An Act Relative to Procurement Services For Artists: Rep David Biele (who represents South Boston and parts of Dorchester) 

    Two identical bills to establish a MA Public Arts Program, one filed in the Senate and the other in the House:
  • S. 2244 An Act to Establish a Massachusetts Public Arts Program:
  • H. 3380 An Act to Establish a Massachusetts Public Arts Program

National Resources:

National/International Artist-Run Resources: