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Issue 05: No Boundaries

Summer 2020

Well, universe, you got us: we named an issue “No Boundaries,” and then you made us really wish we hadn’t.

This issue may feel anachronistic, but the messages it contains are not. Issue 05 features the work of artists, writers, curators, and collectives who have long been advocating for a new normal. We hear from Mar Parrilla, whose dance company Danza Orgánica fights for social justice with a decolonizing praxis. We see the work of Imaginary Collective, whose underground exhibitions envision an art world free from capitalist interests. And we learn from Yu-Wen Wu, whose bundles represent the trauma, stories, and objects that fall in the wake of migration. Their voices, among many others, spotlight the crucial role that art and discourse play in disrupting long-standing systems of inequality. We’re also excited to present a fold-out poster and zine created by Boston-based photographer, OJ Slaughter who has been tirelessly working to document the Black Lives Matter protests and community vigils. Along with so much more!

Table of Contents