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Issue 05: No Boundaries

Summer 2020

Well, universe, you got us: we named an issue “No Boundaries,” and then you made us really wish we hadn’t.


The work for Issue 05 began last year and was scheduled to go to print in April. By mid-March, just as we wrapped up our articles, COVID-19 stopped us in our tracks. We pushed back our schedule and revamped the entire magazine, then reserved a slot with our printing company. Issue 05 was going to print whether we were ready or not. All this happened before George Floyd was murdered by a white police officer in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020. This modern-day lynching, caught on video, set the world on fire—reinvigorating a 400-year-long fight for justice.


This issue may feel anachronistic, but the messages it contains are not. Issue 05 features the work of artists, writers, curators, and collectives who have long been advocating for a new normal. We hear from Mar Parrilla, whose dance company Danza Orgánica fights for social justice with a decolonizing praxis. We see the work of Imaginary Collective, whose underground exhibitions envision an art world free from capitalist interests. And we learn from Yu-Wen Wu, whose bundles represent the trauma, stories, and objects that fall in the wake of migration. Their voices, among many others, spotlight the crucial role that art and discourse play in disrupting long-standing systems of inequality. We’re also excited to present a fold-out poster and zine created by Boston-based photographer, OJ Slaughter who has been tirelessly working to document the Black Lives Matter protests and community vigils. Along with so much more!


15% of Issue 05 sales will be given to local Black-led organizations who are actively doing on-the-ground anti-racist work in three different sectors of our community: Violence in Boston, Black and Pink Boston, Families for Justice as Healing, and Boston Ujima Project.


Issues will be shipped on June 24, 2020. Order before June 23 to secure your order!

In this issue


Reframing the Aural: In Conversation with Christine Sun Kim by Lauren Klotzman, Tschabalala Self Hardens the Medium by Annie Armstrong, A Decade-Long Reflection: Leonie Bradbury and Zsuzsanna Szegedi-Varga Join In Conversation, Movement Toward Another World: In Conversation with Mar Parrilla by Theresa Mitchell, The Communal Intimacy of Public Art: In Conversation with Yu-Wen Wu by Gina Lindner, Breaking Through Digital Dimensions: In Conversation with Yuko Oda by Briney Burley

Special Projects

On COVID-19: Artists Are Essential Workers by Amy Halliday and Rebekah E. Moore, COVID Conversations with Leah Triplett Harrington and Kate Gilbert, Rachel Kay and Courtney Stock, and Cierra Michele Peters and Dee Diggs, Past Uncertainty edited by Jameson Johnson and Helen Singh-Miller


Pushing the Sound Barrier: How Non-Event Created a Sonic Community by Ashira Morris, How Zines Chronicled Boston’s Punk History by Olivia Deng, Queer Cats Takes to Local Public Access Television by Rory Fitzgerald Bledsoe, Invisible and Imaginary: The Art Exhibition No One Saw by Phil Zminda, Community and Collaboration: Genevieve Cohn Creates Visions for a Female Future by Chris Hartman

Critical Perspectives

Exploring Land Use Across UMass Campuses With The Organizers Of “Local Ecologies” by Sam Toabe, Kirsten Swenson, and Rebecca Uchill

Zine Insert

Zine Insert from the 2020 Black Lives Matter Protests by OJ Slaughter