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Issue 10: Recall

Spring/Summer 2023

As BAR celebrates our own (albeit short) history, we’re looking to archives and blueprints, memories, and dreams to inform our future. We’re paying homage to the people and spaces that have shaped Boston’s art community and scenes that are inspiring new waves. We’re reflecting on how far we’ve come, what we’ve left behind, and what we’re hoping to create.

Cover: Lyle Ashton Harris, Obsessão II, detail 2017.

Includes: Poster designed by Lyle Ashton Harris, 14.5″ x 19×5″, offset print with metallic ink

Table of Contents




  • Letter from the Editor

    Jameson Johnson

    Letter from the Editor

  • Coming and Going with Camilo Alvarez, Anthony Greaney, and Lucy Kim

    Anthony Greaney

    Curators’ Corner

  • Passing the Torch: Edmund Barry Gaither and Danny Rivera on Organizing and Keeping the Faith

    Alula Hunsen


  • Visits and Vigils: Crystalle Lacouture’s Material Memories

    Jessica Shearer


  • Intimate and Familiar: Revisiting the Boston School

    Lynne Cooney


  • How the Boston School—Thirty Years Removed— Helped Me Find My Way Through Boston

    Leah Triplett Harrington


  • Entering a Third Space: In Conversation with Estefania Puerta

    Maya Rubio


  • Mapping Obsessão II

    Lyle Ashton Harris

    Artist Project + Interview by Jameson Johnson

  • A Hand as a Page

    Body & Forma

    Artist Project + Interview by Kaitlyn Ovett Clark

  • MUSH8NASH: Reclaiming Our Waterways

    Tess Lukey (Aquinnah Wampanoag)


  • Transcendent Touch: How vanessa german Transformed an Archive

    Kéla Jackson


  • A Film for Transient Archives: In Conversation with Georden West

    Jasper A. Sanchez


  • Learning and Imagining Reparations with the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics

    Erik DeLuca

    Critical Perspective

  • Why (Boston) Comics? (With apologies to Hillary Chute)

    Heide Solbrig


  • Trying to Stay: Wisdom for Art Makers in Boston

    Heather Kapplow


  • “Jace Clayton: They Are Part” at MassArt Art Museum

    Toby Wu


  • Nafis M. White: Freedom Is My Favorite Position” at Central Contemporary Arts

    Kendall DeBoer


  • “Mitsuko Brooks: Letters Mingle Souls” at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center

    Marcus Civin


  • “Spirits: Tsherin Sherpa with Robert Beer” at the Peabody Essex Museum

    Sarah Baker


  • “Betye Saar: Heart of a Wanderer” at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum by Karla Mendez

    Karla Méndez