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Issue 06: Timestamp

Winter 2021

This issue contains subtle demarcations of time throughout its pages: A presidential election punctuates a conversation between Gabriel Sosa and Danielle Abrams; Jenna Crowder examines a revolution on its tenth anniversary; Erin Genia offers a timeline of colonialist decline; and several writers note the months in which they penned their stories to contextualize their text. Taken together, the following pages offer a glimpse back at how the uneven progression of time shaped our understanding of the world around us. 

During the production cycle for this issue, our volunteer editorial board grew with the additions of editor-at-large Leah Triplett Harrington and editorial assistant Maya Rubio. At the same time, writer, poet, and educator Nakia Hill tackled curating a section of Issue 06 dedicated to celebrating Black creators. Homing in on our city, she presents Revel in Black Excellence, which composes nearly half of Issue 06, as a site for Boston-based Black writers and artists to take up space and share their voices. Though the personal essays, conversations, and critical perspectives in this section cover a range of subject matter, their messages exist in dialogue with one another. We as readers are simply invited to listen and learn.

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